March 30, 2023
Caixa offers loans up to R$1,000 via cell phone;  Understand how it works

Caixa offers loans up to R$1,000 via cell phone; Understand how it works

Earlier this week, Caixa Econômica Federal announced the opening of the Microloans in the Caixa Tem app. The amounts awarded range from R$300 to R$1,000, and can be paid in installments of up to 24.

The loans can be contracted by nearly 100 million customers, as individuals or companies (for those who intend to invest in their own business), with Categories Monthly interest rate of 3.99%.

According to the Central Bank, the average monthly interest rate for personal credit is 5.03%, or 80.2% per year. Thus, the monthly interest of 3.99% on Caixa Tem’s microcredit is clearly below the market average.

How to apply for a loan at Caixa Tem?

Customers who wish to apply for a microcredit can do so using their mobile phones. This functionality is released in the Caixa Tem app. Credit application will be subject to approval and name It can’t be negative No Serasa and SPC.

However, to access the loan, the application user needs to create a file Registration update, which will be organized in a staggered manner according to the month of the customer’s birthday. See the calendar below:

  • Born in January-February: 27/9;
  • March-April: 18/10;
  • May-June born: 8/11;
  • Born in July and August: 11/29;
  • Born in September and October: 12/13;
  • Born November-December: 12/27.

Types of loans

the fund to two options Microcredit, which is subject to a credit risk analysis (for up to 10 days). In addition, loan analysis will take into account financial history, user history and credit rating.

The options are as follows:

  • Cash credit has employees – for customers to use everything they need, including personal expenses, such as debt payments;
  • The cash credit you have for your business – For productive investments in business. It can be applied, for example, in payment of supplier bills, water and electricity bills, internet, rent and purchase of raw materials or goods for resale.