November 30, 2023
Caixa releases up to R$100,000 credit for passive consumers

Caixa releases up to R$100,000 credit for passive consumers

Caixa Ecomica Federal has a traditional feel loan It was built in 1861 and is still standing today. This line aims to facilitate the contracting of credit for all Brazilians, even those with the name Negation.

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The pledge gives Caixa up to R$100,000 with reduced interest and virtually no bureaucracy. The loan amount varies according to the asset pledged by the contractor.

How does the cash mortgage system work?

A person interested in contracting this type of credit needs to provide a commodity Payment guarantee. The bank accepts precious jewellery, watches, silverware, and pens, which must be turned in at the time of employment.

The merchandise is held in Caixa’s safe and returned to the consumer after the debt is fully paid. If preferred, he can renew the contract as many times as needed.

The objective is immediately evaluated by the foundation’s guarantor. For those who are already clients and have a good relationship with the bank, the loan limits can be up to 100% of the value of the collateral.

How do you hire?

Check out step by step pawn Good one in the box:

  • Go to an agency with Pledge;
  • take the good
  • Submit your RG, CPF in good standing and proof of residency;
  • Wait for the asset to be evaluated by a Caixa employee;
  • Choose the term of the contract;
  • Get money instantly.

To renew the contract, the interested party has the option to request the issuance of the ticket via phone or WhatsApp, both at 0800104 0104. The process can also be carried out at the self-service stations of Caixa branches.