December 3, 2022
Caixa Tem libera SAQUE DUPLO ainda este mês; confira quem poderá receber

Caixa Tem issued a double draw later this month; Check who can receive

Caixa Econômica Federal is known for being the bank that pays most of the interest created by the federal government. Thus, this process occurs with Auxílio Brasil, Vale-gás, Pix Caminhoneiros and others.
However, the bank is also responsible for taking care of business-related values, such as the FGTS accounts for the population. It is worth noting that for each job with an official contract, a citizen has one more account on the FGTS.

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FGTS in the box

Over the past few years, Brazil has had a really tough time in terms of health and the economy. The reason was the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the whole world.

However, many people end up experiencing more financial hardship than they usually do. With the increase in the number of unemployed, it is becoming increasingly easy to see many people on the poverty line.

To try to solve this problem, the federal government created some social benefits targeting families at higher risk who were in a socially vulnerable situation. But these people weren’t the only ones looking for help.

Even those with a formal contract had a hard time dealing with expenses during this period. This is how officials have devised ways to release withdrawals from the FGTS Compensation Fund.

Programs are divided into two types. The first was called Extraordinary Booty and the other was Christmas Loot. Each one has its requirements to be withdrawn and they are available even today.

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Withdrawals from the guarantee fund

Find out about the methods available to those who want to withdraw today through Caixa Econômica Federal.

unusual withdrawal

The first model, The Extraordinary Loot, is very simple. The federal government created this method with the aim of helping people who are still experiencing financial hardship during this period. In this way, approximately 20 billion Rls were released for this part.
Thus, the payments are automatically included in the Caixa Econômica Digital Social Savings Account. It can be accessed directly from the method application.

To access the platform, it will be possible to download it for free from the following Android addresses: or iOS:

Therefore, if the amount is not on this site, it is possible to receive it in another account. This is because some people already have other modalities available associated with FGTS. In these cases, there is a possibility that the value was automatically sent to that other location. It is worth checking out excerpts from June onwards.

Finally, it is worth noting that the values ​​are up to 1000 BRL. It can be received by anyone who has available funds in the accounts of the fund, whether it has been activated or not.

Anniversary withdrawal

This option is already a little more complicated. It is an outlet for people who want to withdraw their FGTS funds even before they leave their job. Thus, in this option, interested parties receive a premium of one thousand Brazilian reais annually, always in the month of their birthday.

This method is not mandatory, and for this reason, interested parties have to apply for admission to the programme. However, it should be noted that in doing so, it is necessary to spend at least two years participating in the initiative. Only after this period can a return to normal mode be requested.

It is important to understand that people who choose this option will not be entitled to withdraw the amount if they are fired without a valid reason.

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