January 29, 2023
Caixa's surprising credit could be yours

Caixa’s surprising credit could be yours

Caixa Econômica Federal has created a successful partnership with Sebrae that will transform the lives of Brazilian women. The initiative launches microloans exclusively for them. The idea is to encourage female entrepreneurship. Learn how to access credit with the release of a thousand riyals.

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According to the bank, R$1 billion will be released into the program’s new line of credit Businessmen Box🇧🇷 It applies to those who are in the initial stage of labor or have been doing it for a longer period. The project in question includes even those who have not yet completed the appropriate formalization.

Caixa offers a R$1,000 credit to women

First of all, it is important to know that credit given to women is based on the formalization already mentioned, that is, this is the first step before access to credit. This very important step is done by formalizing the business in the Small Individual Entrepreneur (MEI) method.

In addition to balance, women also take a course to learn more about management. The partnership between Caixa and Sibra Encourages training with exclusive service procedures for female entrepreneurship. The idea is to serve 30 million women, whether their business is formalized or not.

Gradually, the goal is to promote the independence of the female audience and to open new businesses with more emphasis on business management and planning. According to the financial institution, the difference in the program is that negative women can also apply for credit🇧🇷

MEI formalization is very easy and can be done in 24 hours. Women who formalize a business get a CNPJ number and many other benefits.

Initially, the applicant will be able to receive a credit of up to R$1,000, depending on the profile (informal entrepreneur, new official or official more than 12 months old). After completing three months of work, she will have access to a credit card and credit prepayment.

After seven months of CNPJ activity, you can rent a file lend Up to R$12,000 through the Small and Micro Enterprises Guarantee Fund (Fampe). In addition, after 12 months of activity since formalization, women will be allowed to request higher amounts through Pronampe.