May 28, 2023

calamity? Scary closure of 200 McDonald’s locations

McDonald’s closes 200 stores in the country after a government decision

File appears McDonald’s It will close its operations in Israel, at least that’s what the company’s initiative indicates after leaving 200 units with their doors closed and operations paralyzed.

This is a clear sign that the fast food chain may be leaving the country. The discontinuation has been communicated through McDonald’s official channels and the action has no end date. Many of the network’s clients are concerned about the company’s decision to, yes, leave the country.

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Why the initiative?

This action came as a result of the company’s protest against the statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For those who don’t know, he said he wants to expand the country’s political power plans. In the speech, it also contained a motion against workers.

And to give an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation in the country, the last measure taken by the minister was to dismiss Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, so that he could intervene in the Israeli judiciary. Of course, these government measures did not satisfy the population, which is calling for an end to judicial reform.

New McDonald's surprises customers.  Image: Reproduction/Internet
McDonald’s surprises Israeli customers. Image: Reproduction/Internet

In showing its support for the Israeli people, McDonald’s has positioned itself in a way to show that it does not agree with the actions taken so far. Therefore, as long as action is taken, the network will remain behind closed doors in the country.

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