July 24, 2024

Call of Duty May Drop Annual Editions After Activision Acquisition

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Call of Duty may drop annual release frequency after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard: The option is being discussed by some executives, Bloomberg reported.

Phil Spencer confirmed that Call of Duty will also remain on PlayStation, but it appears that an internal discussion has opened up about the franchises once the Activision purchase becomes official.

Under the management of Bobby Kotick, the company released a new Call of Duty game Every year without fail Thus helping to amass sales of over 400 million copies, but at the same time forcing developers to maintain an unsustainable pace.

Well, some Activision executives had begun discussing the possibility of canceling the annual cadence, convinced that the rarer publication could be appreciated by users and allow the series to recover. Quality and Momentum, especially after the fluctuation of Vanguard’s results.

Inside Activision Blizzard this week:

Lots of cautious optimism about the merger and Kotick’s departure

Excitement for more creative freedom on Xbox

– Fear of being laid off

– Call of Duty may cancel the annual release schedule

In any case, a potential change to the program won’t happen until next year or even beyond, as it is likely that the following chapters of the franchise will already be in development according to traditional schedules.

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