July 4, 2022
Calleri scores, Sao Paulo plays better, but draws with Santos

Calleri scores, Sao Paulo plays better, but draws with Santos

Sao Paulo and Santos tied 1-1 this Thursday, in Morumbi, in the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship, a classic match that saw Sao Paulo fans come home. The tricolor was outperforming Pixie overall, although they were only left five minutes behind on the scoreboard, but the dominance wasn’t enough to leave the field with a positive result. Santos goal scored by Carlos Sanchez. Calleri equalized with a penalty kick, and scored the net for the first time since his return to the club.

As a result, Sao Paulo remains in 14th place, with 29 points now, Santos is also stagnant at 16th, and the top team is left outside the relegation zone. Both teams are still flirting with Z4 and need to win again. Tricolor reached the fourth consecutive game without a positive result. The Peixe has 11 games without a win.

Sao Paulo’s next game is on Monday, against Cuiabá, away from home. Santos, in turn, will face Grêmio, at Villa Belmiro, in another direct confrontation in the struggle against relegation.

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the game – Sao Paulo started the match with great intensity, trying to suggest the match, but at the first opportunity given to Santos, they opened the scoring. In the fifth minute, Carlos Sanchez received the ball very freely on the edge of the area and had time to control, adapt and hit the spot, with no chances for goalkeeper Thiago Volpe. The ball even hit the crossbar before dying at the back of the net.

Since then, Sao Paulo woke up and dominated the match. The first big chance for a tie came after Rigoni lined up on the right flank, conquering the area and replaying, and found Calleri, who couldn’t get the ball straight and made life easier for the Santos goalkeeper.

Seeking to level the score at all costs, Sao Paulo ended up relying on the help of the VAR after 30 minutes. Rodrigo Nestor was left with what was left of the cross, and at the entrance to the district he kicked first. The ball deflected into Vinicius Palero’s arm, and after the video referee checked, Rafael Klaus scored a penalty. Calleri went to collect and was not lost.

Before the break, Sao Paulo still had the chance to turn the tide of the match, again with Rigoni looking good. The Argentinian killed in the chest practically in midfield, sprinted quickly in stitching the mark, worked with the opponent’s defense and hit the corner, taking paint off Joao Paulo’s goal.


Sao Paulo continued to excel in the second half and almost turned the game upside down after just nine minutes, when Rigoni provided a superb pass by lifting Luciano, who came head-to-head with goalkeeper Joao Paulo and watched him defend his shot.

With Gabriel Sara replacing Marquinhos, Sao Paulo remained dynamic and threatened Santos with some ease. At first it was Luan’s turn to take off and hit from outside the area, but he lacked a target. After that, Igor Gomez got the rest of the cross, on the second stick, hitting the first ball into the corner, but the defender pushed away the ball that had the correct title.

The tricolor followed him in search of the turn and was again close to the turn with Calleri, who received a low cross, and tried to serve, but could not. On the other hand, he hit the goal, but Joao Paulo saved it. Santos only responded with the closed aerial ball, which Miranda grabbed onto the line after Lucas Braga’s head deflected, but the referee put a hindrance to Pixie’s attack.

In the final minutes, Sao Paulo could no longer slip into the opponent’s defense and risked eventual defeat when the lights went out. At the age of 46, Lucas Braga pivoted inside the area, adjusting to Felipe Jonatan’s shot, forcing a superb defense from Thiago Volpi, who was, this time, largely responsible for freeing Tricolor from a setback in the derby.

data sheet
Sao Paulo 1 x 1 Santos

Sweetened: Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo
data: October 7, 2021, Thursday
Table: 6:30 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Raphael Klaus (FIFA SP)
Auxiliaries: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manes (FIFA-SP) and Evandro de Mello Lima (SP)
where: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA-SP)

general: 5,529 likes
Enter: 393.437.00 Brazilian Real

Objectives: Carlos Sanchez, at 5 of 1st T (Santos); Calleri, at 34 in 1Q (São Paulo).
yellow cards: Vinicius Ballero, Marinho, Danilo Pozza, Marcos Guilherme (Santos); Wellington, Benitez (São Paulo)

São Paulo: James Volpe; Igor Gomez, Miranda, Leo and Wellington; Luanne (Gabriel Neves), Nestor (Lezero) and Luciano; Rigoni, Marquinhos (Sarah Gabriel), and Calleri (Benitez).
idiomatic: Its ~enán Crespo.

Santos: John Powell; Vinicius Ballero, Emiliano Velasquez and Wagner Balla (Lucas Braga); Marcos Guilherme, Camacho (Danilo Pozza), Vinicius Zanusillo, Carlos Sanchez (Pirani) and Felipe Jonatan; Marinho and Leo Baptistao (Diego Tardelli)
idiomatic: Fabio Carrell

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