July 20, 2024

Cambridge mathematicians create models for muscle development

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Crédito: Pixabay
Crédito: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Image copyright Pixabay Image caption The model could be the basis for a program to determine how much a particular muscle group needs to work to get the maximum result possible (Credit: Pixabay)

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, have built a mathematical model of muscle gain. Using biophysical theory, the model can serve as the basis for the program to determine how hard a particular muscle group is working to get the maximum possible result.

Research published in the scientific journal Biophysical Journal, suggests that there is an optimal amount of weight for each muscle group. The study aims to increase understanding of how exercise affects muscle mass, as well as help improve physical training.

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According to the study, an increase in muscle mass is associated with stress caused by this type of structure. When someone strains a part of the body, the object reacts by “getting stronger”. But with the study, a large protein called titin was discovered. Which is closely related to muscle growth.

Using this reasoning, British researchers were able to create a mathematical model that helps predict muscle growth. According to the research, the application of this model indicates that optimal muscle growth is not related to maximum muscle demand.

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