March 30, 2023
Camila Camargo shows her children a surprise at Zillow Palace

Camila Camargo shows her children a surprise at Zillow Palace

Camila Camargo and her mother, Zello, prepared a special surprise for the actress’ children during their vacation in the United States

actress Camila Camargo She found a way to make her two children’s vacation even more special. The celebrity was enjoying her days off with her mom Zello Godoy. The mother and daughter have not seen each other physically for years, due to the period of border closures and a series of health measures.

To give you an idea, you haven’t even met Zillow’s youngest granddaughter yet. Camilla is the middle child of the Three Fruits resulting from the old marriage of a country singer Zezé di Camargo with Zilu. The former couple maintained a relationship for 32 years and had three children: VanessaAnd Camila and Igor. Currently, sertanejo is working with digital influencer Graciel Lacerda.

She is enjoying the holiday season at her mother’s mansion in Orlando, USA, Camila Camargo In it, she presented all the details of the charming surprise that she had prepared for her children. The actress is married to businessman Leonardo Lisa and they are the parents of a beautiful couple. The firstborn is named Joachim and he is 3 years old. The youngest member of the family, little Julia, is one year and five months old.

A trip that, in itself, was marked as a mother’s reunion with her daughter and grandchildren! It has gained more history to always memorialize the family. This time, the special and original breakfast was fun for the kids. Camila showed every detail of the exquisite table, decorated with various delicacies to fill your mouth with water.

To further involve the children, the table was divided into two parts. One with the decoration all in the Spider-Man theme, dedicated to Joaquim. Julia’s side is oddly decorated with the theme of the world’s most famous mouse: Minnie. In addition to a full breakfast, the family also had very special guests!

No one but Spider-Man and Minnie showed up at the mansion door and the children greeted them happily. By the way, Joachim had a conversation with his favorite hero and I enjoyed the character. Mother and daughter made sure to happily stand with the children at the beautiful table and distinguished guests. “Breakfast dream. ” Camila Camargo.

Instagram clone Camila Camargo shows the special breakfast she made with Zilu for her children

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