October 3, 2023
Camila Lloris kicked out of Uber and reports her confusion: 'Desperate' |  Famous

Camila Lloris kicked out of Uber and reports her confusion: ‘Desperate’ | Famous

Camila Lloris expelled from Uber and reports her confusion: 'Desperate'
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Camila Lloris expelled from Uber and reports her confusion: ‘Desperate’

Camila Loris went through an unpleasant situation this Wednesday (18). The influencer was kicked out of an Uber driver’s car during a trip in Sao Paulo. In Stories, the PodCats presenter revealed that the confusion was due to the air conditioning.

“I’ve never crossed that before, how desperate. I just rode an Uber and asked the driver to close the window, he said it was covid protocols, I told him to close a little more. He said, ‘I’m going to stop here and order another one.'” car, and I said, “No boy, it’s quiet then.” He stopped the car and I said I could continue, he stopped and told us to get out of the car,” the influencer said crying over what happened.

“It was miserable. [ficamos] In the middle of a street in Sao Paulo. At that time, Lewis ordered another car, I arrived quickly and we left, I shivered, I don’t know what happened.”

Camila explained that due to reports of theft and theft, she preferred ordering an Uber Black, a method where the ride is more expensive and says it offers more comfort for the passenger.

“I like Uber Black to ride with the window closed to avoid theft, because I know two people who got robbed in Uber […] I ordered Uber Black and set the air conditioning option, when I entered, I asked to close the window, he said no, as per Covid protocol, I explained that I put the air conditioner on. He took it and said, “I’ll stop the car and you order another one.”

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“When he stopped the car, he said to ask for another car, I started crying desperately, and he said ‘get out of my car.’ At that time, Louis was already asking for another car, and I couldn’t help but cry, brother in despair.”

In response to iG Gente, the Uber team commented on the influencer’s case: “In terms of combating Covid-19, Uber advises all its partners and users to follow what the local rules and authorities specify. That there is no requirement to open windows, this is also optional when traveling with the app. Anyway. Due to personal or family health conditions, many people can still feel safe following protocols, so we ask that everyone respect each other’s individual preferences. If any of the participants feel uncomfortable, they can always cancel the trip. Finally, we hope that drivers and users do not get involved in fights and arguments and to immediately contact law enforcement authorities whenever they feel threatened.”