June 26, 2022
Camila Queiroz cries when commenting on her controversial exit from 'Secret Truths'

Camila Queiroz cries when commenting on her controversial exit from ‘Secret Truths’

Camila Queiroz He presented a series of videos in his stories, on Instagram, Thursday (18), in which he comments on the confusion that surrounds his name and his departure from.”Secret Facts 2“, Announced by Globo on Wednesday (16)For “unacceptable demands,” according to the announcer.

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The actress is starting to be visibly shaken, talking about the fact that she’s never experienced this much exposure before, and that she’s always tried to stay away from the controversies and rumors involving her name.

“I know you’ve been waiting so long for this, for me to come here to talk, and show my face, but I’ve never experienced anything like this, such exposure. Every time they tried to put my name on arguing and gossiping, I tried to run away, I tried to stay on my own, More conservative, without having to prove I was right or my side of the story to anyone, but this time they’re throwing me here, I have nothing to do. I don’t even know where to begin…” said Camila.

“I have always tried to form a real relationship with you here on my social networks, so the first thing I wanted to do was to thank my friends for messages and messages from fan clubs, TV series fans and random people because without a shadow of doubt that such support and affection from you is necessary now,” Follow the actress.

Camila has made it clear that she still doesn’t feel comfortable talking about all the confusion between her and Globo, but she hopes she will soon have the strength to tell her version of the story. She also urged people not to believe that she tried to alter the series’ ending, or that she would have used a medical certificate to not complete the recordings.

“I wanted to say that I don’t feel ready today to talk about everything that happened and how it happened, everything was so painful, in the last few weeks, yesterday, everything was so difficult. I just wanted to ask you not to believe in these stories that are about saying That I tried to change the ending of the series, it doesn’t exist. I even had a picture of me with access, taking a serum with intravenous medication, and had to post it to answer Articles Saying I “Filled Certificate” Not registering. Lots of lies will come out and they have already come out, I just ask you not to believe them because they are not true. Soon, one day, I hope to be able to feel stronger to come here to talk to you, and in the meantime we will create the strength to come back and recover from the trauma,” concluded the actress.

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