March 26, 2023

Can any Brazilian ask for R$4,500 in Caixa Team?

Find out how to apply for the benefit offered by Caixa Tem and find out if you fit the required characteristics!

Since last year, Caixa Econômica has been offering, through its SIM Digital – Crédito program, loans of up to R$4,500, even to Caixa Tem users with name restrictions. The credit method is mainly aimed at small entrepreneurs.

According to the banking institution, the initiative aims to contribute to individuals and small business owners.

Caixa unleashes a plunder of those who are MEI

The maximum loan capital is R$4,500 and can be repaid in 24 installments at a monthly interest rate of 1.99%. Customers of banks registered as legal entities (PJ) and registered in the program have access to this exclusive method.

Even those who are passive can benefit from credit, according to the Microfinance Guarantee Fund (FGM).

How to apply for the benefit

Check below the documents required to apply for the loan at the bank branch:

  • RG.
  • CPF.
  • proof of address;
  • Certificate of Individual Small Business Owner (CCMEI) status;
  • Delivery receipt
  • DAS SIMEI for the last fiscal year ended.

On the other hand, individuals can receive a credit amount equivalent to R$1,500, even with the name being negative. The amount can be paid in 24 installments at 1.95% interest.

Find out how to perform the procedure with the Caixa Tem app:

  • Open the app
  • Click on “Hire Caixa Tem Credit”;
  • choose the credit amount;
  • select the number of installments;
  • Enter the password to confirm the loan.

It is known that an individual micro-entrepreneur is an independent worker, that is, he is the individual who works alone and who defines himself as a micro-entrepreneur. When someone registers as a MEI, they automatically have a CNPJ, and they get many benefits of being a legal entity.

It has as an expense only the monthly payment of Simples Nacional, which varies according to the type of service.

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