August 8, 2022
Can gas vouchers exceed R$120 for large families?

Can gas vouchers exceed R$120 for large families?

a gas ticket It will have a new value from August, a change previously regulated by the government through a decree published in the official gazette of the union. Until December, interest ranged from 50% of the average price of a cylinder of 13 kg to 100% of this value.

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With the expansion, about 5.5 million households will be able to access Three plots with a turbocharger in 2022. The transfer, which was R$53 in June, is supposed to approach 120 BRL the following month.

This measure is part of the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) “Kamikaze”, which was approved by Congress a few days ago. The text provides more than R$41 billion to expand social programs and create new aid.

Differentiation according to the number of members

Adjusting the value of the Auxílio Gás according to the number of members of the beneficiary’s family is an old demand of the opposition. Those who defend the idea justify that offering the same amount for a house with only two members and a house with six people, for example, is not fair.

Although the argument is valid, the PEC does not provide any Differentiation of families according to the number of their members. Therefore, everyone who is approved continues to receive the same amount every two months, no matter how many individuals are part of the family unit.

Gas voucher worth R$120

Assistance for the purchase of cooking gas is intended for families registered in CadÚnico, with a monthly income per capita of up to half lowest wages (BRL 606). BPC (Benefício de Prestação Continuada) document holders can also obtain it.

Payments are made on the same dates as Auxílio Brasil, almost always in the last ten days of each month. Check the August calendar, which is the end of the NIS (Social Identification Number) for beneficiaries:

end of shekels Deposit date
1 August 18
two August 19
3 August 22
4 August 23
5 August 24
6 August 25
7 August 26
8 August 27
9 August 30
0 August 31