March 30, 2023
Can I unblock Caixa Tem via WhatsApp?

Can I unblock Caixa Tem via WhatsApp?

Caixa Tem can be blocked when the rules of use are not followed and not many Brazilians know how to unblock it.

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a cashier Tem was created in 2020 and has been a must-have for thousands of individuals. With the application available for Android and iOS, many people can access banking and payment services related to AuxĂ­lio Brasil, for example.

As with other apps, Caixa Tem can be blocked. The problem is that many Brazilians don’t know what could trigger this to happen, and when they face a ban, they don’t know what to do to get access to their account again.

What factors can lead to a Caixa Tem account being banned?

There are many factors that can lead to a Caixa Tem account being banned. When registering in the application, users can access the rules of use, which must be read carefully to avoid future problems.

Actions such as carrying out transactions in excess of the monthly limit, which is R$5,000, using the same CPF on multiple devices, accessing accounts with other CPFs and registration irregularities can lead to an account ban in Caixa Tem. Many people are not even aware of these rules.

Can I unblock Caixa Tem via WhatsApp?

The answer is yes. It is possible to unlock Caixa Team by WhatsApp. It should be noted that in some cases the user may forget the access password, which can be recovered through the application, in the “Forgot my password” option.

To open Caixa Team by WhatsApp, follow step by step:

  • Open the Caixa Tem app available for Android And the iOS;
  • access the account using CPF and password;
  • Click on the “Release Access” option;
  • Wait for the page to be redirected;
  • Click on the available icon;
  • access the link created to start a conversation on WhatsApp;
  • Follow the instructions for submitting the required documents.

According to Caixa, the processing time is up to 48 hours. If after this period the access is not released, then the correct thing is to go to a bank branch. It is necessary to bring a document with a personal photo.

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Photo: Sydney de Almeida /