December 5, 2022

Can messages already sent be edited?

A controversial new feature may be about to arrive in WhatsApp: the feature that gives users the ability to edit messages that have already been sent for some time. Although it looks like an interesting feature, many users have previously shown dissatisfaction with this theme.

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The new WhatsApp functionality is similar to Telegram and will allow users to edit messages that have already been sent / Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Controversial WhatsApp feature

Initially, there is still no release date for the new function. However, the news had already sparked controversy among users of the app even before it was implemented. This is because, with the new tool, it will be difficult to prove something that was previously said in a conversation, which could eventually create misunderstandings in the future.

In addition, the testing phase of the functionality has already begun and users of the beta version of the messenger will be the first to receive the update with the version of chats. Although unsatisfactory, the tool can end up offering a new way to solve problems in everyday life, if used correctly.

For example, it may happen that a user sends wrong content to another person, but he will be able to edit it before the other person sees it, needing to delete all the content. In addition, it can still be useful in many other situations, depending on the context of the messages sent. To date, the maximum time available to edit the sent message is also unknown.

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Users show dissatisfaction

One of the concerns of users, as mentioned earlier, is the inability to check what was said during the conversation due to the possibility of editing the conversations.

However, there is another concern related to product and service companies. This is because when they send in the value of an item, they can end up modifying the message and changing the price. Therefore, the recommendation in these times is to print in moments of greatest anxiety.

Currently, users can delete accidentally sent messages entirely, but the action leaves traces like a history to indicate the presence of a message even if the user who received it was unable to read it in time.

Following this line of reasoning, it is not yet known whether the new function will also leave evidence that the edited message has been changed or not, as a specific indicator.

It is worth noting that the function has been available on Telegram for a long time, which users of the other messenger do not complain about. To do this, simply tap and hold on the message they want to change and then tap Edit. The option that will open is to freely edit the message, as if the user were typing the text from the beginning, so that he could then send it.

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