December 7, 2022
Can models sold in the US be used in Brazil?

Can models sold in the US be used in Brazil?

oh iPhone 14 This is the first device announced without a plate that stores the chip responsible for recording numbers. However, in some countries it has been changed at the request of people who do not like this message.

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Brazilians can easily find the device, but if someone buys the product in the US and wants to use it here, how do you add the national link?

good news

Whatever the reason, if you bought it in another country, you can use the model anywhere in the world. Dual eSIM technology enables connectivity without a physical chip, and supports up to 8 different numbers. However, Apple’s configuration follows most of its direct competitors in the dual segment by allowing only 2 discrete chips.

How does eSIM work?

The eSIM is already built into the devices, simplifying the process of registering your cell phone. Therefore, the implementation of the program, which allows access to the Internet and other services, passes only by registering a code. Authentication is easy and takes place in the same way, incl CPF And a call to check if the line is working.

Justification of the new mechanism

Some consumers still don’t understand why Apple This produces cell phones without double entry. The company said it was concerned about the safety of its users by promoting restrictions to protect against theft. By providing a physical signal semiconductor, it ensures that some information is highly protected.

The capacity of the stored arrays is also high and the decision of the developers anticipates the future of a highly-connected world. In this way, it allows people to focus on a single device, separates various means of communication, professional and personal responsibilities.