August 17, 2022
Can Thinking Before Speaking Cause Cognitive Exhaustion?

Can Thinking Before Speaking Cause Cognitive Exhaustion?

The ability to think in order to express oneself, in a complex and dialectical way, is a very important part of the civilization process. according to understanding the societyThe discourse of “political correctness” is becoming more present, taking into account the diversity it presents. These are essentially “self-censorship” to avoid marginalization, abuse, or even crime while giving a speech. However, new research reveals thatpolitically correct“It can lead to mental exhaustion.

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Political correctness and its need for society

An analysis of society’s progress towards so-called “political correctness” cannot be denied, without taking into account the importance of technology and social networks for the current civilization. One way or another, the big impact that social networks had on promotion was because more people were more careful with their speeches.

The fear of the massive repercussions that an online video, for example, can cause, has motivated many people to be politically correct in their rhetoric. However, on the other hand, it is necessary to consider people who choose political correctness, out of respect for existing differences in the social environment, because it is the right thing to do.

However, especially with regard to the first group mentioned, it is possible to specify a high mental effort not to commit any offense during their speeches. In these cases, it was possible to verify that “political correctness” can lead to cognitive exhaustion.

Why does this happen?

For this change in speech behavior to occur, it reflects a level of sensitivity or tolerance of others, as well as a greater effort to understand differences in opinion and points of view.

In light of this, this excessive self-monitoring ends up demanding self-control which can be stressful. More so, if you take into account the fear of “online cancellation”.

But it is necessary to encourage “political correctness” behavior, even if it leads to mental exhaustion at first. Only in this way will we be able to move forward, respectfully, as a society.