March 22, 2023
Can TikTok Open the Doors to Cybercrime?  look now!

Can TikTok Open the Doors to Cybercrime? look now!

Could TikTok open the door to cybercrime? Learn more about it in this post

TikTok is one of the most used social networks today and it is in the sight of most companies to implement ads with partner influencers.

However, despite its usefulness in today’s digital marketing, there is a big problem with it: cybercrime is more common on this network.

That is, due to the huge number of users who are still completely ignorant of how criminals steal data, many of them end up handing over their information.

Cases like this are becoming more common, especially in Brazil, where many influencers have claimed they fell for scams and lost their accounts.

What are the types of cybercrime?

There are several types of cybercrime around the platform, but the main one is the famous miracle proposals.

These are advertisements sold by professionals who claim to find the answer to their main pain in just a few days or hours.

Advertisements such as rapid weight loss products or logging into your account with a fake link to earn R$5,000.

Although they are extreme examples, many similar attractive proposals are created and people fall into these fantasies due to lack of knowledge.

How to avoid?

If you use your TikTok account and come across very fancy proposals for quick profits, or receive messages from the “platform” in your email, beware.

Some of the most common scams currently occur with hackers sending fake emails to victims with data very similar to the platform’s official support.

In these cases, the ideal is not to reply and delete the email, especially when you see that the message is fake.

Pay attention to the following characteristics to identify a fake email:

  • bad logo and email design;
  • The email URL does not match the company’s official URL;
  • The texts “Promotions” and “Earnings” are poorly written and contain errors.

Finally, another security measure to ensure that you don’t fall for any scams is to always activate the two-step security of your account.

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