December 9, 2022
Can you figure out where the 3 numbers are hidden?

Can you figure out where the 3 numbers are hidden?

I definitely experienced the feeling of looking for something and not being able to find it. It could be indoors or even at work, and often there is something in front of us that we can’t see. For this reason, today we are going to train your brain on this famous optical illusion. To answer the challenge, search for The number three is hidden in the picture less.

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The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtesting your mind is so that no more and more of these situations happen again in your life. This is because it can be very annoying at work or even at home, especially when we are late to check out because an item is lost.

So, in a fun and playful way, you will test your brain to make it faster and go in search of that missing element. Therefore, nothing is better than an optical illusion.

Can you figure out where the 3 numbers are hidden?

Optical illusions are responsible for deceiving our visual system. The idea is to test our perceptions and see if we can find any incorrect pattern or something wrong in some of the images.

In the following figure, you will see several drawings of the number eight distributed on the screen. Your task should be to find the three numbers that are hidden somewhere on the screen.

Since the figure eight looks like the number three, don’t think this challenge will be easy. If you wish, you can set a time limit for the answer and make the game more interesting. The set time can be up to 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Optical illusion answer

If you can find the number quickly, you should be congratulated. But if you haven’t seen the number three, no problem. You can go back and take a few more seconds to try and find it. Before moving on to the answer to the challenge, it is important to challenge yourself as hard as you can to find it. Therefore, it is a way to train your brain for everyday situations in which you cannot find something hidden.