September 27, 2023
Can you find the helmet in the picture?

Can you find the helmet in the picture?

Motorcycle enthusiasts who want to own one or have ever owned one know how important it is to own one. Helmet🇧🇷 After all, in the absence of this item, you are unlikely to be able to get out, because if this happens, you will definitely take Traffic fine🇧🇷

However, in addition to keeping you from spending an unnecessary amount of money, a helmet is a must when it comes to this safetybecause it prevents more serious head injuries, in the event of accidents, if used properly.

In a recent project, a company called Carol Nash, with the aim of highlighting safety while traveling on a motorcycle, decided to implement an awareness campaign. The project was based on a puzzle.

There is a completely informative picture, with elements that usually make up a motorcycle, however, only a helmet, and the main task is to find it.

You can also try to find it. Just check the image below:

The vast majority of people were able to find the item within 38 seconds, which is much longer than the period required to find the object in real life, when on the go, especially when the place one usually keeps it is disorganized.

But, if you choose to give up and still want to find the ultimate answer, just check at the end of the post.

Do motorcyclists not wear helmets?

Incredible as it may seem, Carole Nash, who owns her main company in the UK, found an unusual finding in her survey about the use of helmets when commuting.

According to the surveys, 17% of the 5 thousand people do not use the item when using the car to get around. It may seem like a little, but every moment you use a motorcycle without a helmet on can become disastrous, even fatal.

The indications reveal that when a helmet is worn, the chances of dying while riding a motorcycle are reduced to 37% compared to the group without it. Not to mention, people who wear a helmet are 69% less likely to suffer head injuries.

Can I wear a helmet?

Now that we are aware of the statistics, and that it is essential to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, we must choose the most appropriate equipment.

It is necessary to emphasize that Brazilians need to take care of the certification of the National Institute of Measurement, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), whether the helmet is national or imported.

In addition, the motorcyclist should always opt for a fairer model, because when a helmet is used, it tends to adapt to the shape of the driver’s face.

Now, check out the answer to this riddle below.