March 30, 2023

Can you find three owls in this focus quiz?

Perception and concentration tests tend to be complex for many people, as they require a high ability to decipher hidden elements by way of shapes and forms. Colors.

These types of image-related tests can be a source of inconvenience to many people, but what few people know is that they are extremely effective in developing brain In the task of deciphering more complex problems, such as charades, riddles and tests involving logical reasoning.

But how effective can a picture test be in developing reading and reasoning skills? Simple perception tests through a kind of optical illusion develop the ability to find hidden details, and train your brain to solve puzzles.

In this way, the area of ​​the brain responsible for decoding what you see will be more alert to possible attempts to deceive you.

Find the owls in the following image

The tricks used in both the logic tests and the cognition tests are to hide the secrets by means of similar elements in the picture or in the text.

That is, when your mind tries to understand A Stimulus If it were sent to him, if both were very similar and your mind was not accustomed to it, it would be very difficult to find any difference.

However, the more time you spend looking at a particular image, the more your brain will become accustomed to its details, and the more you will notice the differences. Therefore, the Exam Below aims to find the differences in the shortest possible time, with a limitation of how long you can continue searching.

In this test you have to find three owls in less than 13 seconds, so, use some tools to count your time, maybe your cell phone has some tools to help you. Do it, mark the 13 seconds and get started!

Source: Instagram / @thedudolf

For many, finding the owls in time can be a complicated task, after all, they are disguised in similar colors to the students in the picture, but despite some difficulty, it is not an impossible task.

If you don’t find the birds in the allotted time, kill them and try again, and keep doing this until you find them all. If you like the test and want to do more of it, a quick search will find plenty the exams similar.

If you don’t succeed or decide to give up, no problem, below you can check the answer to Exam.

Source: Instagram / @thedudolf