September 24, 2023
Can you pay vouchers with your Nubank credit card?

Can you pay vouchers with your Nubank credit card?

progress technology It came to facilitate various daily services, such as paying coupons. You don’t have to face any queues or even leave the house for some time, because you can do everything on your mobile phone safely! Who is a Nubank customer can pay and even pay vouchers with a digital bank credit card.

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The idea is for people to focus all expenses on their credit card bills, as this makes it easy to keep track of all of the month’s expenses and, who knows, figure out which points could bring a benefit Economie at the end of the month.

Nubank Credit Card Payment Vouchers

In the case of digital banking, the customer can pay the receipts with his credit card through the Nubank application. In addition to the ease, it is also possible to pay the account amount in installments at an interest rate lower than that practiced by other banks.

Everything is available for consultation through the app and also on the credit card bill itself. This way, customers are able to focus spending and have better control over what comes in and what goes out month after month.

Another advantage for those who managed to earn additional income, for example, is the anticipation of premiums whenever a person wants. And the best: he has discount In the interest of anticipation!

Here’s how to pay that bill with a Nubank credit card:

  • open the bank application;
  • Go to the “Payment” option;
  • Then click on “Pay Tickets”.
  • You can scan the actual ticket or enter the barcode;
  • Then click “Choose a payment method”.
  • select the “credit card” option;
  • It will come time to choose the amount of premiums. In 12 times at most.

Then the customer needs reconsidering All the information, i.e. check the values ​​and Pay. Are they right? Simply click on “Pay” and confirm the transaction with the password.