Canada in the campaign for the release of its citizens held in China

Le Canada en campagne pour la libération de ses citoyens détenus en Chine

TORONTO — The foreign Affairs minister, asked by chrystia Freeland, on Saturday announced that Canada would engage in a campaign to secure the release of two citizens held by China in what looks like reprisals in the wake of the arrest of a leader of a telecommunications company in china.

During a conference call with reporters, Ms. Freeland mentioned that the arrests in China were a worrying precedent that has undermined Canada’s international partners.

“We will continue to work with a broad group of allies to raise this issue,” she said, noting that the network of ambassadors canadians would reach out to governments around the world.

The minister Freeland has claimed to have discussed, on Friday, with China’s ambassador to Ottawa and made the first official request from Canada for the immediate release of the former diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor. The United States, the United Kingdom and the european Union have also issued statements in support of the request of Canada.

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the giant chinese telecom Huawei, has been arrested at the request of the United States while she was on a layover at the Vancouver airport on the 1st of December. American justice has requested his extradition for the accused as well as his business, had lied about business links of Huawei with Iran.

Nine days later, the Chinese have arrested MESSRS. Kovrig and Spavor to allegations fuzzy”activities threatening the national security” of China.

The public release of asked by chrystia Freeland mark a change of tone, much more firm, on the part of canadian authorities. The opposition has criticized the prime minister Justin Trudeau to have remained silent and have not directly called her chinese counterpart.

Ms. Freeland recalled that Canada does not respect its extradition treaty with the United States and that the country respects the rule of law which has led to the release on bail of Ms. Meng. “She got unfettered access to the regular procedures and the judicial system independent, has described the minister. This is how Canada works.”

On Friday, the u.s. State Department reiterated its call for the release of Canadians detained in China. A message launched by the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

The minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, has stated in press release that the United Kingdom was convinced that Canada was in compliance with its extradition treaty with the United States. He said he was “deeply concerned” about the idea that China has arrested two canadian citizens for political reasons.

At the same time, the european Union has published a press release where she says that the “stated reason” for the detention of Canadians in China “raises concerns” about the legitimacy of business practices in China”.

Asked by chrystia Freeland thanked Canada’s allies have taken over the word.

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