Canada rejects the threats of the chinese if it banishes the 5G Huawei

Le Canada rejette les menaces chinoises s'il bannit la 5G de Huawei

OTTAWA – The canadian government dismissed on Friday threats by china of “repercussions” against it in case Ottawa decides to prohibit the deployment in Canada of the network technology 5G the giant chinese telecoms Huawei.

“We have been extremely clear on the fact that we will not compromise national security. We will conduct the appropriate analysis and make the decision that we deem best for the interests of Canada”, stated to the press, the public Safety minister Ralph Goodale.

The government of Justin Trudeau, whose relations are very strained with Beijing since the arrest in Vancouver of a senior executive of Huawei, “will not be deterred” from acting as he wishes, despite threats from China, ” said Mr. Goodale.

The Chinese ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye warned Thursday against a possible “repercussions” if Ottawa prohibited the deployment in Canada of the network technology 5G Huawei, essential to the growth of autonomous cars and other connected objects.

The study of this technology is “in progress”, noted the minister. “We look at the security issues as well as technical issues with great care”, he argued.

Giant world telecom equipment, Huawei is suspected of posing a national security problem in several countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, which have forbidden to build a network of high-speed internet 5G.

According to the american press, Washington, dc, has launched a wide-ranging campaign from allied countries to dissuade their companies of mobile telephony and internet access to use the facilities of the chinese.

Last week, a director of Huawei Poland has been arrested by the security services of Polish suspicions of espionage.

Ren Zhengfei, the founder of the group and a former engineer in the chinese army, has denied vehemently any espionage in a rare interview published on Tuesday.

His daughter, Meng Wanzhou, cfo of Huawei, is at the center of a feud diplomatic involving China, Canada, and the United States.

To the great fury of Beijing, she was arrested in Vancouver on the 1st of December, at the request of the american justice on suspicion of complicity in fraud to circumvent the sanctions against Iran.

The agency canadian intelligence (CSIS) has urged, in October, the canadian universities to exercise caution in their research partnerships with Huawei.

The prestigious british university of Oxford was suspended this week, while financing from the chinese group.

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