Cannabis: edibles, not the solution, says the opposition

Cannabis: les produits comestibles, pas la solution, dit l’opposition

The opposition is based on the national Institute of public health to go down in flames the idea of the government to focus on the cannabis edible cannabis that is smoked on the public highway.

The deputy Health minister, Lionel Carmant, suggested Tuesday night in front of the mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, that it would be preferable that Quebecers consume cannabis as an edible in public places to prevent exposure of their fellow citizens — including children — to smoke.

The prime minister François Legault has taken back his comments Wednesday morning, media scrum at the national Assembly, seeing it as an “accommodation”.

However, the national Institute of public health of Quebec (INSPQ) has already warned the government against the adverse effects of edible products. In a brief filed last week, he said that these products entail risks such that they cannot be considered as the solution to the problem.

The institute anticipates that the legalization by the federal government and the mass marketing of the edible products and concentrates of cannabis will result in a growth of the use of cannabis within the canadian population, in addition to undermining the substance.

The ingestion of cannabis, contrary to the modes of consumption by combustion or vaporization, has the effect of delay of 60 to 90 minutes, its effects and prolong the duration of approximately six to eight hours.

The effects of delayed, prolonged, and less easily predictable of edible products that pose particular issues of road safety and safety in the workplace, supports the INSPQ.

On Wednesday, the liberal critic for health, André Fortin, has lamented that the government proposes at this stage of the study of the draft law 2 a “solution” which will “exactly contrary to its purpose” to limit the impact of cannabis on public health.

Recall that bill 2, filed December 5, includes two main measures, namely the raising of the legal age to possess cannabis at 21 years of age and the prohibition of smoking the substance in public space.

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