May 28, 2023

Cannibal fish on Oregon beaches have scientists intrigued; look!

There is a strange phenomenon that leaves Oregon scientists baffled and disoriented. This is because countless lancet fish appear on the state’s beaches. It should be noted that this species is very strange, lives in deep waters and has cannibalistic habits.

It all started on May 1, when Oregon State Parks Facebook released a post commenting on the case and claiming not to know the reasons why this happened. The species was found on Nehalem Beach, South Bandon, and this has been happening for the past few weeks.

One detail Oregon State Parks has raised in recent days is that one of the lancets found on the beach is still alive. Therefore, experts helped the fish to return to the sea. Despite this, the strange issue remains unsolved.

Image: Live Science/Reproduction

What do the experts say?

A biologist at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center named Daniel J. Science lives Via an email it couldn’t find any other record types like this.

The common is that one or two lancets are found, but not en masse as it happens. The biologist also said that, according to his research, these threads are not common. Therefore, it is not possible to say why the lancet appeared on the Oregon coast – to be more precise, about 290 kilometers.

Kamikawa puts three possibilities in check: the first is that these fish are sick or injured, and thus, since they cannot swim well, are pushed ashore; The second is that the storm has dragged them there. And the third could be a phenomenon called temperature shock.

This occurs when the fish is suddenly exposed to a cooler water temperature than the species is used to. Therefore, this causes the fish to be unable to swim due to heat shock, which leads to death.

Despite this, everything is just a theory and it is still not known what actually happened for these species to appear en masse like this. Keep following all the details of this strange phenomenon!