July 25, 2024

Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro got a new face and “excellent” interior design

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Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro got a new face and "excellent" interior design
Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro got a new face and "excellent" interior design

The Tiggo 5X has been a hit in Brazil since its debut in 2018. Last year, for example, SUV cars It was the best-selling model of the Caoa Chery, with more than 12,500 records from January to December, according to Fenabrave rating.

The good numbers help explain why the brand decided to have a second restyling of the model in a couple of years. This time, the update is accompanied by the title Pro, which is already known in the rest of the range thanks to the Tiggo 7 Pro and Arrizo 6 Pro.

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“the tegu 5X It was launched in the first year of its existence kawa Shery It is the best selling car to date. So it is very important to us, and it represents everything we want to convey in the brand,” he stated Marcio AlfonsoVice President of the CAA Montadora.

Tiggo 5X Pro 1 - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The design is inspired by the Tiggo 8

Photo: Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The front of the Tiggo 5X Pro brings the visual identity that was opened in the Tiggo 8 and now found in the Tiggo 7 and 3X. The front grille features a 3D diamond-inspired design, and the bumper has been redesigned to fit the new design.

Alloy wheels are new and Caoa Chery has plastic inserts at the bottom of the doors and near the “C”-pillars, while the rear brings discreet changes to the aileron, trunk lid and bumper design.

The Tiggo 5X Pro is being sold at a launch price of R$154,990 and is now available at Caoa Chery dealerships.

A quantum leap in the cabin

Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The cab has a more precise finishing

Photo: Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

However, the biggest changes are on the inside. In addition to the more sophisticated look, which was inspired by the Tiggo 8, the SUV’s cabin features higher-quality materials compared to those of the old 5X, which says goodbye with the Pro version for the first time.

There are two screens: the 7-inch digital panel and the 10.2-inch multimedia center, which is more eye-catching than the previous 9-inch screen. In the center console, the air conditioning controls are distinguished, which are tactile as on the Arrizo 6 Pro.

Even in plastics, there is interest in a more sophisticated appearance. Some trims mimic brushed steel and aluminum and there’s not so much use of glossy black that the look is too tired.

The leather upholstery has visible seams and is present on virtually all common contact surfaces in the cabin. The seats are comfortable and seem to support the body weight well on long trips.

The interior is suitable for four adults of average height. Those traveling in the back seat have dedicated air conditioning vents and don’t travel as cramped, but they also don’t have as much legroom as in Volkswagen T-Cross, for example. The volumetric capacity of the trunk is 340 liters, which is less than some of its direct competitors.

family comfort

Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

1.5 Turbo engine changed to fit Proconve L7

Photo: Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The 1.5 turboflex engine received changes to fit the Proconve L7, including a new turbine and a new thermal valve. According to the manufacturer, performance figures have improved by up to 5%.

Power remains at 150 hp when fueled with ethanol and 147 hp if the fuel is gasoline. Maximum torque is 21.4 kg/m, available from 1750 rpm. The transmission is a CVT simulating a nine-speed, which removes the outdated six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

During our brief encounter with the SUV, the Tiggo 5X Pro drew not much attention for its nimble responses, but rather for its smooth ride.

The electric-assisted steering is very light, while the suspension is commendable over the Caoa Chery. This is because the company decided to keep the independent four-wheeled configuration, which was canceled from the Chinese project.

The calibration prioritizes comfort, something that seems very appropriate for a car with a family width. Generally, potholes, ditches and other urban obstacles are backfilled without harming the occupants. High-quality sound insulation filters out most external noise and does not allow engine noise to invade the cabin.

Competent package but no ADAS

Caoa Chery Tiggo 5X Pro - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery - Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The SUV will be sold in one version and its predecessor will be retired

Photo: Fábio Gonzalez / Caoa Chery

The Tiggo 5X Pro leaves the factory with a good list of standard equipment.

The SUV features items such as 6 airbags, traction and stability controls, hill start assist, reversing camera with high-resolution images and 360-degree vision, digital air conditioning with two temperature zones, 18 inches, slope speed control, and keyless door unlocking. , push-button start engine, electric folding mirrors and electric panoramic sunroof.

Although it has autopilot, the Tiggo 5X Pro does not have the adaptive function, which is already offered in some of its competitors. It also lacks a more enhanced Driving Assistance package, with items such as forward collision alert and independent emergency braking.

“We preferred to delay the launch of ADAS (short for Driving Assistants) to prioritize safety, since Brazilian roads have some distinct characteristics. So our decision was to do a more detailed development before these technologies are available on the market,” Leonardo Lucács, director of engineering at Caoa Chery.

However, these absences should not harm the Tiggo 5X Pro’s sales performance. If the compact SUV once sold well, the trend is that the numbers will improve even more in 2022.

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