June 5, 2023

Carl Sagan’s daughter from Cosmos shares a rare childhood photo with her dad and talks about longing

Cosmos Series

Image – Disclosure / KCET / Carl Sagan Productions / PBS

Planetary scientist, astrophysicist, astronomer and writer Carl Edward Saganpopularly known as Carl SaganHe has become one of the most important names in science, contributing to more than 600 scientific publications and books and the “Cosmos” series that explains in a simple and poetic way details about the universe.

Sagan was also a great advocate of the scientific method and encouraged, through the SETI project, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In 1980, he establishedCosmos: A Personal JourneyAn award-winning series that has shown, through intuitive and simple language, how the universe formed, its properties, its evolution, and even the potential for life on other planets and dimensions.

As a sequel to the production, Carl wrote the book of the same name and the science fiction book “Contact,” which served as inspiration for the movie “Contact,” released in 1997. The scientist and astronomer died on December 20, 1996, due to complications from pneumonia, after a two-year struggle with Myelodysplasia.

Sagan was the father of Sacha Sagan, an author and television producer who is currently 41 years old. She used her official Instagram profile to share a rare childhood photo of her with her dad, posted in 2021. In the caption, she talks about nostalgia and also gratitude for all her history and legacy.

“Time is so mysterious. I can never get around it. Today marks 25 years since my father passed away. But somehow it seems impossible. Perhaps that is why it is so important for me to celebrate this day, so that I can begin to understand the passage of time.”I started.

“Today is more disturbing, but far less painful, because, like a distant star, my father’s bright light continues to reach us all these years afterward. I know many of you still read with that light, still navigate that light, still enjoy it.” .that means a lot.”completed the heiress of Sagan, much to the admiration of her followers and astronomers.