September 25, 2022
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Carla Diaz bets on the black bikini and ‘doll’ body that catches the eye

Carla DiazThe actress used the start of the week to post a photo gallery on the beach. The celebrity stayed a few days in a luxury hotel in Praia do Forte, Bahia. With her natural hair, glasses, and black bikini, the beauty made a face in yet another photo session on the web.

“Maravilhosa”, “Beautiful”, “What a picture perfect”, “I love you”, “What a picture perfect”, “Perfect”, “So perfect”, “Every picture is perfect in my Bahia”Fired.


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Not everything is flowers. newly, The actress commented on social media when she found out that she had thyroid cancer. “Exactly two years ago I discovered cancer. In the period of an epidemic, where everyone was anxious and confined inside their homes. You can imagine how difficult it was, right? Suddenly I became an at-risk group, I had to have the strength to not only order cancer and the weight that actually accompanies this disease , but also to take care of myself and carry out treatment effectively”commented.

Carla Diaz It collects more than 9 million followers on the social network and is currently continuing to record the status trilogy Richtofen.

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