January 28, 2023

Carla Diaz opens her heart, talks about marriage, and reveals her plans for 2023: “I’ve always wanted to get married”


Actress and fiancé Philippe Beccari has just returned from a trip to Italy to fulfill an old dream of the couple

Carla Diaz opens up about her wedding plans: "always wanted".  Photos: the official Instagram of the actress.
Carla Diaz opens up about wedding plans: “I’ve always wanted to.” Photos: the official Instagram of the actress.

Actress Carla Diaz is ready to welcome 2023, more eventful than the previous year. After her engagement and marriage proposal, the star is in full swing with preparations for the ceremony that will make her life’s dream come true. But, Since it only comes from personal achievements, it’s a new year, and the cat will still have to find time to release a couple of movies.One of them is in the cinema.

The former BBB is aware of the upcoming series: It will be an unforgettable year in my life. Marriage, 30 years of work … There will definitely be other projects to be implemented this year, so I think 2023 is entering a new cycle.she says in an exclusive interview for Quem magazine’s website.

Carla and her fiancé, Felipe Beccari, have just returned from a trip to Italy to fulfill an old couple’s dream: “It was my dream to go to Italy and I happened to take a vacation and Felipe took unpaid leave from work to make the trip. It was great, it was his dream tooBecause he is also of Italian origin, and I have wanted to visit Italy for many years.She said.

Despite the excitement around the marriage, she revealed that she still had no plans to get married: “The wedding is a little later, because I just got engaged!”she says, laughing. “I have always wanted to get married, never dreamed of a dress, never dreamed of anything adorned… I have friends who have idealized marriage since they were teenagers, but I’ve never really perfected anything.I confess.

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