February 5, 2023
Carlos Bolsonaro and Hung attack Rita Lee for calling cancer 'gay'

Carlos Bolsonaro and Hung attack Rita Lee for calling cancer ‘gay’

Advisor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) and Bolsonaro businessman Luciano Hang attacked Rita Lee, 74, After Astrid Fontenelle It was revealed that the singer nicknamed the tumor “Gayer”!in a possible reference to the president Jair Bolsonaro (pl). And the last examinations no longer indicated the presence of a tumor in the singer’s lung, indicating that she had recovered as he was found. splash.

On Instagram, the CEO’s second son asked what would be the reaction if someone named a tumor after a minister STF (Federal Court of Justice). However, some members of the court are frequently attacked by Bolsonaro. The CEO even called Judge Alexandre de Moraes, a member of the STF, a “scoundrel”, In September 2021.

“He follows the daily routine of ‘democratic’ eclecticism,” one of the president’s sons said on the social network.

Businessman and owner of the Havan supermarket chain, Luciano Hang, noted the singer’s age and said she was setting a “bad role model” for Brazilians. Last week, Hang rated as correct His decision not to run for a Senate seat from Santa Catarina in this year’s election.

“At the age of 74, he continues to set bad examples for Brazilians. Sad ending,” the president’s ally said in a comment on Carlos’s Instagram post.

The Hang message got more than 1,326 likes from supporters while Carlos’ post got more than 36,465 reactions. Still in the photo shared by the president’s son, many hate messages towards Rita Lee can be found.

* With Rodolfo Vicentine of Splash in Sao Paulo