July 2, 2022
Carlos Franca: The aggression against Ukraine is "unacceptable" and that Russia has "crossed the red line" |  Policy

Carlos Franca: The aggression against Ukraine is “unacceptable” and that Russia has “crossed the red line” | Policy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Franca, said on Wednesday (6) that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine It is “unacceptable”. He also said that Russia crossed the “red line” by invading the neighboring country’s territory.

France participated in a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Brazil’s actions in connection with the war.

In answering the questions of the members of the Senate, he agreed with the Chairman of the Committee, Katja Abreu (PP-TO), which had, a few minutes earlier, classified the invasion as “unacceptable”.

Your Excellency is right, President Katia Abreu, aggression is unacceptable. The moment there is an armed conflict, or an invasion of territory, we realize that Russia has crossed a red line. “There is no doubt about that,” the minister said.

After more than a month of war – Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 – President Jair Bolsonaro He has not yet said whether the work of the Russian government should be condemned or approved.

On the day of the Russian attack on Ukrainian soil, Vice President Hamilton Mourao said that Brazil did not approve of the invasion. Then he was blocked by Bolsonaro, who said it was up to him, the president, to talk about it.

Even with Bolsonaro’s silence, Brazil’s position was to vote at the United Nations against the Russian invasion.

Chancellor Carlos Franca confirmed in the Senate that the Brazilian government advocates for an “immediate ceasefire” and “the protection of civilians and the guarantee of humanitarian access” to the victims of war.

The United States and the European Union are set to announce new sanctions against Russia on Wednesday

Criticism of economic sanctions

The chancellor again criticized the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia as a way to advance the ceasefire.

“[Essas sanções] It can exacerbate the economic effects of conflict and affect the supply chain. Sanctions tend to comprehend the interests of a small group of countries, to the detriment of the vast majority, which depend on basic inputs.”

On the economic side, Franca said that the main concern of the Brazilian government relates to the continuous supply of fertilizers which, according to him, are “indispensable to agriculture and food security in the world”.