May 31, 2023

Carnage, Aline, of the BBB, talks for the first time about a scandal with Cesar and a controversial topic

Ellen Werley talks about the fight she had with Cesar (Photo: Clone – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Second place in the BBB Championship 2023, Allen Werley The game opened up to some controversy surrounding his name. During the program, the singer was slammed on social media for the defense she gave to Bruna Griffau in a big fight with Cesar Black.

At the time, many people were disappointed after Bahi confronted and implied that he was hinting that he would take more extreme action against the actress.

In an interview with Kim, the celebrity spoke about the confusion: “When I put myself out there in terms of Black, which is a problem I had already identified based on the things I noticed in him, it was about us being a male chauvinist actor.”

It was just another agenda, another trigger. Whether I’m right or wrong, I don’t know. Bruna and Black are two people who, throughout the program, have pointed out things I thought they both should look at.”commented.

Aline Wirley has confirmed that she loves Bruna as well as Cezar, in addition to seeing incredible things in both of her former BBBs. “I understood that I might have been judged harshly in this place, but that was what I saw at that moment.‘, he announced.

Ellen Werley speaks on racial issues

The singer stressed that she was “missed” by the many people who followed BBB 2023, as well as members of the reality itself, such as Fred Nicasio, and stressed that it was very important that half of the cast be black this year, but she wanted it to be. She is able to simply own herself.

The ex-Rogue maintained that she knows she’s a “body politic” and that she carries important agendas for society, but that, at a certain point, she just wanted to play her game.

Allen commented that this caused her a lot of anxiety within the game and that everything broke her structure. She declared that she was still trying to take in a lot of things, but she had to take a stand.

Luis Fabio Almeida

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