June 4, 2023

Carol Portes accuses Marcius Melhem of sexual harassment | celebrities

Carol Portes accuses Marcius Melhem of sexual harassmentreproduction

Posted on 04/21/2023 09:20 | Updated 04/21/2023 09:36

Rio – Actress Carol Portese, who was on the cast of “Zora Total”, decided to open the game and accused the former director of Humor at TV Globo, Marcus Melhem, of sexual harassment in an interview with “Uol”, she posted this. Thursday – feast. Seven other women also reported incidents of harassment by the director in a recent interview with Metropolis.

According to Carroll, the case occurred on November 27, 2014, when Melhem was still an actress and final editor of the program “Tá no Ar”, where she also worked. The actress alleged that the former director initiated the harassment via text messages. On that occasion, the program team was going to a party at Marcelo Adnet’s house. Carole was staying in a separate hotel in Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio, and Melhem was going to tell her to take a shower there.

The former manager allegedly said “Would you accept this visit in good faith?” “You can come over,” Carol said, “I’m fixing up the mess you made when you arrived yesterday.” She claims that she invited a friend to go there that same day precisely because she was afraid to be alone with him.

According to the actress, Melhem went to the apartment and asked her to wait for the shower to finish. Upon leaving the bathroom, the former manager would forcefully try to kiss her. “He came off the towel and… forcefully kissed me, and… finally, I broke up, and then I was so embarrassed. Well, any woman has been through this, like… you know? Uh, no, no, no… Then I said, ‘No, no, let’s go, I want to go soon, let’s go,’ like, ‘Let’s go, right? Nothing’s going to happen,'” the actress said in the complaint.

After Carol denies that anything happened between them, Mercius Melhem releases her and goes to the bedroom to dress her. She claims he also said he would get to the party alone and told Carol to wait for him to leave and then go to the event.

After Melhem left the hotel apartment, Carole claims she cried and felt guilty. “Why did I let that happen? I was so ashamed of myself,” she said. He added, “It got really bad and I didn’t tell anyone.”

Carol Portes’ first complaint was submitted to the Women’s Ombudsman of the National Council of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (CNMP) in January 2020. She testified last Monday (17) at the Women’s Police Station in Rio de Janeiro.

Marcus Melhem denied Carol Portese’s accusations and told Juul that the kiss was “consensual” and “lasted less than five minutes.” According to the director, he and Carol had flirtatious letters and she assumed a “narrative similar to Danny Calabresa’s”.


Carol Portes recalled several episodes of harassment that Marcius Melhem could have committed. She claims that “inappropriate touching” was common in the corridors of work. “Being in the lobby,” he recalls, “and we took our hand and put it on his dick, you know? Kind of fast. Then he said, ‘Oh, did you do that?'” He also allegedly called her “hot” several times and sent her flirtatious messages.

However, according to the actress, when she told Melhem that she was leaving the play she was doing to devote herself solely to Ta No R, he replied, “I’ll pay for this rendition with my wild nights of sex.” Then the actress commented: “I will charge.” This would have been the first sexually significant message between them.

The actress claims that Marcus Melhem’s advances lasted until 2016 and, after always resisting the director’s advances, she lost space in the schedule. The former director of Núcleo da Attraction, Mauricio Farias, said he had witnessed Melhem’s complaints to Carroll.

The former director, however, denies this. He said he recognized Carol’s talent, but said she would have lost space due to the growth of the other actresses in the cast. “As if it was my entire responsibility. An evil that was unraveled point by point. I even prove that I asked her for a job on other shows for fear her contract was up. I put her on a project for 2020 so she could renew.” [o acordo] for three years. Mauricio wants to escape his responsibility for the squad. There have been six seasons in which the board has reviewed all formations. Did he ever notice Carol Portis’ size on the show? Didn’t he direct or watch his own show for six years, Marcius Melhem asked to Yol?