December 2, 2022
Caroline Lima

Caroline Lima and Edir Militao reach agreement on child support

After several controversies in court over her daughter’s alimony, influencer Caroline Lima announced on Tuesday 1, on social media, that her defense and that of national team player Edir Militao had reached an agreement.

“We came to an agreement, thank God, and this feud between Cecilia and others is over,” Carol said via Instagram Stories.

“I met his lawyer, the lawyer from all of that business. I told the story of everything that happened. She is sweetheart and thank God we solved her. This was always what I wanted, I wanted to have peace and everything was resolved, I was tired of being confused. Everything went well. , and we came to an agreement where both parties feel comfortable. I am very happy, from the bottom of my heart. It was just what I needed in my life, a little peace of mind,” he said.

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Photo of Caroline Lima: clone / Instagram

Carroll also revealed that he decided to meet Militao’s lawyer because he realized there were intersecting stories.

“Being there, and meeting her, face to face, I was really able to tell you all that happened. And now, my love, I’m going to celebrate today,” said Carol, relieved.

“It even makes you want to cry. Thank God, good things happen to those who are righteous, to those who do the right things, to those who have no weight in their conscience, to those who are not afraid. Resolve. Everything was messed up in my life, but I knew it would work out.” se,” said the influencer.

“My daughter will be nurtured with a lot of love. I’m sure she will have a lot of love, she will have the support, she will be happy, she will get what she deserves, that was all that occupied me, that was all I wanted and that is what will happen.”

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Caroline Lima
Photo of Caroline Lima: clone / Instagram

After saying that today is the day to celebrate, Carol posted photos and videos at the beauty salon changing her hair. She said on Twitter that she is receiving comments from people who say she is “already backed by Child Support”.

“Oh, people think I fix my hair with retirement money. I would only love if you knew how much that hair on my head costs,” she joked.

“Just for info, Mega is RO 14,000. To color it, dye my hair, moisturize, brush it… I won’t even start playing my darling. The convention is designed for Cecília and just for her. My beautiful (and always) benefits come from Mami’s pocket” .

Militao’s name made headlines last month after he claimed, in a second lawsuit he brought against Carol, that he could only pay R$6,060.00 in child support to the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, while he has a 7-month contract. million euros. A year with Real Madrid until 2025.

In addition, the player stated that he would have been surprised by Caroline’s pregnancy. The petition stated that “a percentage of women, who act in the opposite of total and total values, believe that a child is a means of obtaining an inherited advantage.”

Edir Militao and Caroline Lima signed an agreement with the Total Asset Segregation Scheme three months before the end

Edir Militao and Caroline Lima while they were still waiting for Cecilia
Éder Militão and Karoline Lima as they were still waiting for Cecília Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

Carol was sued for the second time by the player and, again, learned about the operation through social networks. After the case had repercussions, the influencer said she called Militao to talk about the operation.

“Even after he brought me to court [Éder Militão] I sought. To try and solve everything with me directly, which I have been trying to do for 2 months and never succeeded. My intention was never practical and I would go downhill, my intention was just to take care of my daughter and leave me alone,” Caroline said on her Instagram in early October.

The cross stories that Caroline refers to in the stories is information that the content of the operation would not have been authorized by Militao.

“According to him, he did not know what was written in the process, he did not authorize it, he was not aware. Personally I think that no lawyer creates a case for a client. The lawyer, no, the lawyer, she was a woman. Amazing.”

He concluded, “I will try to understand what the next steps are, and what he wants to give his daughter. I have already authorized my legal counsel to move everything they can against him. But I am willing to do everything in peace,” Carol concluded.

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Caroline Lima gave a prenatal rehearsal for Cecilia, her first daughter: Don Edir Militao
Caroline Lima performed a prenatal rehearsal for Cecilia, her first child: Don Edir Militao Image: Ray of Light/Instagram rep

At the end of October, the influencer returned to live in Brazil, with a permanent residence in São Paulo, where she was already living before moving to Spain.

The reason why Caroline did not return to Brazil earlier was to wait for Cecilia’s documents, which can only be issued in Spain. She had already mentioned that as soon as the papers were issued, she would return to Brazilian territory with the child.

Caroline Lima returns to Brazil next week with her daughter Edir Militao and will live in Sao Paulo

Carol Lima is Cecilia's mother
Carol Lima is Cecilia’s mother Image: clone / Instagram

Caroline’s attorney, Gabriela Garcia, explains, “This matter was resolved a long time ago. Because of his exact routine, he couldn’t get involved with the two coming to Brazil.”

Carol moved to Madrid to live with Militao in August 2021, three months before she became pregnant. Their relationship ended even before Cecilia was born, but after the birth the influencer changed her address in the same city.

Caroline Lima and Eder Militao
Caroline Lima and Eder Militao