May 31, 2023

Casagrande slams Coudet vs Atlético interview: ‘It lacks competence’

Casagrande analyzed Atlético’s performance in the Brazilian debut (Picture: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Casagrande criticized coach Eduardo Coudet’s press conference after Atlético’s defeat. This Saturday (15/4), Gallo lost 2-1 to Vasco at the Mineirão for the Brazilian, and the Argentinian classified the result as “inexplicable”.

“The defeat hurt, but we showed the football we wanted. The team wasn’t bad in the first 10 minutes. The game was contentious. We had a lot of personality to play and control of time and space in the game. 26 shots and 75% possession of the ball… How Losing that game is inexplicable, but it’s football. Let’s stick to the positive side and keep working,” he said.

This Sunday, in a column on UOLCasagrande spoke about the game with the following headline: ‘Ceni and Coudet lose on their debut, but they say they don’t know how. Wake up!’

“Today I see the following statement by Argentine coach Eduardo Coudete:“ I don’t know how we lost this match.

Casagrande’s criticism of Atletico

The former Globo commentator also saw Atlético’s performance against Vasco. According to him, despite the large number of applications submitted, there was no “game size”.

“The size of the game does not mean the dominance of the game, because in the second half it was two big chances for Rooster in injury time, with a great shot from Hulk (and a great save from Leo Jardim), and a header from Uruguay defender Mauricio Lemos who scored the goal and none else.”

As for Casagrande, the Atletico coach needs to take a more critical stance. The writer concluded, “If Codet believes that the defeat was due to bad luck and injustice, then Atlético will not achieve anything.”

Atletico next matches

Atlético returns to the field of the Brazilian Championship next Sunday (4/23), against Santos, at 4 pm, at Villa Belmero.

Previously, Gallo had an obligation against Atlético PR in the Copa Libertadores. The confrontation will be on Tuesday (18/4), at 21:00, at the Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba, for the second round of Group G.