June 26, 2022
Casemiro says that Matthews Nascimento could have "built a building" in Botafogo's victory over Pango: "What he got from the bricks is madness, isn't it?"

Casemiro says that Matthews Nascimento could have “built a building” in Botafogo’s victory over Pango: “What he got from the bricks is madness, isn’t it?”

The player selected for the game in victory Botafogo Over the bangu 2-0, this Sunday afternoon (12/30 .)), number Nilton Santos StadiumAnd By record commentatorsattacker Mateus Nascimento17 years old, also praised in transition Casimetemployment Twitch.

Since the start of the match amid the crowd for Jawhara Al-Fangra to “score two goals” and start showing his credentials in the 2022 season, commentator Casimir Michael He acknowledged the dedication of the 90’s shirt on the field, which was engaged in plays in attacking, running, creating and even disarming opponents. As a possible justification for Matheus Nascimento not balancing Bangu networks, streamer He used his distinctive sense of humor, saying that his teammates did not cooperate as much with passes.

– I felt a great desire for him, especially to return to scoring, and to cooperate with the team in this aspect. We know that today’s football demands that. I think it was important. At the end of (the game) he had excess will and took yellow. But, man, I’ll tell you: He could build a building today in Nilton Santos. What he got out of the bricks was crazy, right? Just a brick for the boy. You don’t get a round ball. If he receives a round ball, he is in danger. – Casemiro rates in response to the narrator Luis Felipe FreitasIn the 39th minute of the second half, when the striker was replaced by the midfielder cake.

in evaluation net stoveMatthews Nascimento, goalkeeper Kitty Fernandez and steering wheel Bryn Glorioso’s highlights in the game were valid for the second round of Carioca Championship. The trio received a score of 8.0 from Alfingra’s newsroom.

see how it was alive Casimito de Botafogo 2 x 0 Bangu in the video below: