Catherine Dorion wants to require a minimum québec content to Netflix

Catherine Dorion veut exiger un minimum de contenu québécois à Netflix

The member of solidarity Catherine Dorion wants Quebec to stand up in the face of the giant Netflix by requiring that a percentage of québec content to be available on its platform. It calls for a parliamentary commission to deal with what it considers a “major threat” to quebec culture.

The member for Taschereau believes that after having enacted legislation to regulate the activities of Uber and Airbnb in Quebec, it is time that the national Assembly examines the case of Netflix. “It is we who make the laws, not the big companies,” says Dorion in an interview to the Sun.

Approximately 40 % of quebec households are subscribers to this platform video-on-demand, while 0.1% of movies and 0.3 % of the series that are presented are made in Quebec.

The member of solidarity believes that this platform in the us has “taken a lot of room in our culture”, that”it has been a tradition in Quebec for the protection of our culture”, which is in the process of “falling”, the judge said it.

The Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC) has control over the television content, but does not have a stranglehold on the Internet. “It is protected by a business which are deciduous. Everyone unplugs the cable to go on the Internet,” says Dorion.

The mp is of the opinion that Québec could draw inspiration from the european Union, which has demanded last year that the video-on-demand Netflix and Amazon distribute 30 % of european content to subscribers in europe.

According to it, Netflix would not have to produce all the content québécois demanded, but could easily buy the rights of films and series in quebec. “It would give them a breath of life to an industry that suffers.”


Catherine Dorion has asked the minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy what she had to do to regulate Netflix last week, but didn’t get a precise answer. “I was amazed to find that it was not a folder that had the air present in his mind.”

Ms. Roy has spoken of the iniquity of tax between Netflix and the content producers in Quebec, “a very worrying situation,” according to her.

Dorion hope that its formal request to hold a parliamentary commission on the subject will “ring bells” in government, because “it fitte with what claims to be the CAQ. In immigration, we want to protect our culture and our French language, but how to protect our language if all the young people listen to series in English on Netflix?”

For solidarity, a “political reaction in Quebec is appropriate given that Canada has a position that is extremely weak in the face of Netflix”.

In 2017, the canadian government has waived tax on Netflix, but in return, the american company has committed to invest $ 500 million to produce canadian content. The Quebec fee for the subscription to Netflix since the 1st of January.

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