Catherine Loubier in New York: not a partisan appointment, according to Legault

Catherine Loubier à New York: pas une nomination partisane, selon Legault

The appointment of a relative of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) at the head of the general delegation of Québec in New York is not partisan, has assured Thursday, the prime minister François Legault.

“Jurisdiction, jurisdiction, jurisdiction,” responded the chief caquiste in a media scrum improvised before entering Room on Thursday morning.

The opposition is accusing the CAQ of having named Wednesday one of her friends in New York, while yet the party had denounced the partisan appointments of the previous liberal government and had committed itself not to place his friends in the unit.

Catherine Loubier was deputy director of the office of the prime minister until last week. She has been in charge of the transition committee of the CAQ, who was in contact with the previous government, Couillard to take care of the contracting powers. Previously, she was responsible for communications in the conservative government of Stephen Harper.

Mr. Legault had said and written in 2018: “With a government of the CAQ, partisan appointments and the little friends, this will be completed, appointments will be made on the basis of the jurisdiction.”

In the question period in the House, the liberal mp for Saint-Henri – Sainte-Anne, Dominique Anglade, has suggested that the prime minister had a debt of gratitude to Ms. Loubier for services rendered.

“The prime minister boasts that does nothing have to to person. Is it that the prime minister can acknowledge that he owes something to Mrs. Loubier?” asked Ms. Anglade.

The member of parliament Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Quebec solidaire, has the same ironisé by taking the minister Éric Caire, member for La Peltrie, who formerly was tearing his shirt each time the liberals were making an appointment.

“When are the cronies of the CAQ, that, however, it is correct. My question for the sheriff of La Peltrie: is it hurt, shoot yourself in the foot?”

“If Ms. Loubier had not made the transition to the CAQ, would she have the job?” has made the door-to-speech, liberal in international relations, Paule Robitaille.

“It is a person (Ms. Loubier) that I didn’t even know six months ago, I don’t know what is your definition of small friends,” replied Mr. Legault in a press conference.

His government had also committed to do a big cleaning in the diplomatic network in quebec and to give an economic turn to the appointments, to make it something other than a tool of reward policy.

Gold Ms. Loubier does not have a profile essentially economic: it has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in political science, but she has worked in the communications of the auto giant Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi in Paris.

“This is the best person for the job, she knows the business,” argued Mr. Legault.

In the Room, the minister of international Relations, Nadine Girault, has also argued that Ms. Loubier “has a network of contacts at international level”.

On Wednesday, after the announcement of the appointment, Ms. Girault said that several people on the list of nominations were yet qualified for the New York post, but there was apparently a downside: “it is also necessary that the people want to move.”

Ms. Loubier succeeds Jean-Claude Lauzon, who had been appointed there by the government Couillard in 2014.

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