July 14, 2024

CAUTION: Ubisoft may delete inactive user accounts

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CAUTION: Ubisoft may delete inactive user accounts
CAUTION: Ubisoft may delete inactive user accounts

Players may lose access to games purchased from the Store

Report from user to computer world, worried who has an account in Ubisoft, especially for those who haven’t logged in for a long time. That’s because the French company deletes inactive user profiles.

According to the Norwegian player who took the win a storyHe wanted to ditch the computer and join a healthier lifestyle, as he spent a lot of time playing games. Deciding to use a cell phone only as a technical device.

“In 2020, I sold my PC because I’ve been playing a lot and that’s a bit beyond the healthy way to do it. I decided to work and go to school,” the player said.

But the user decided to get back into the game and bought a new computer to do so. When trying to log in to the Ubisoft platform and failing, the Norwegian was able to reset the password. However, he found that his account had been locked, thus losing all the money he spent on titles like Rainbow Six Siege to Assassin’s Creed.

According to the user, the games simply disappeared, as if he had never bought them.

Speak Ubisoft

Ubisoft said that this should not happen to this particular user. Since the company itself assumes that accounts can be deleted within four years of inactivity (unless the profile contains purchases from the platform), this was not the case.

– Continues after announcement –

But a company support representative said that once it’s closed, there’s no way to get the account back. The Terms of Service Contract guarantee Ubisoft’s right: “We may suspend or terminate your account and your ability to use one or more services or part of the Services, at any time, automatically and in our sole discretion where… on notice, when your account has been inactive for more than six months “.

That is, the user who reported the problem received an email notification before and Your access cannot be restored.

So, if you have an active Ubisoft account, and you haven’t been signed in for a long time, try signing in again so you don’t lose access to the games you’ve purchased.

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