July 15, 2024

CBLOL 2022: Meet Mocha and Trap, Rensga reinforcements in South Korea | athletes

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CBLOL 2022: Meet Mocha and Trap, Rensga reinforcements in South Korea |  athletes
CBLOL 2022: Meet Mocha and Trap, Rensga reinforcements in South Korea |  athletes

Rensga Esports has hired new reinforcements for its main team in the Brazilian Championship League of Legends (CBOL) 2022. Top Shin “Trap” Seung-min and supporting Kim “Mocha” Tae-gyeom, both South Korean, join the team soon. The announcement made by Renja on Monday (21) also confirmed that top scorer Yudi “Ninja Kiwi” Leonardo is coming from Renja Academy to help the first team. The changes come after a start well below the team’s expectations from Goiás, who are at the bottom of the CBOL 2022 with only two victories in ten matches played.

It is worth noting that Renga started the season with top scorer Park “Hades” Ji-Seung and supported Ha “Guard” Han-gyeol, but the South Korean duo did not perform as expected and actually bid farewell to the team to make way for him. Ninja kiwi and mocha. The trap will operate in the top lane in place of Brazilian Marcelo “Aile” Melo. Renga has not yet confirmed whether the new players will appear for the first time in the sixth week of the tournament, which starts next Saturday (26).

Rensga employees boost CBLOL 2022 team with Trap, Mocha and NinjaKiwi – Photo: Disclosure / Rensga Esports

Among the South Koreans, the most experienced is Mocha’s support. Now 25 years old, he started his career in 2015 and played for several different teams in South Korea, Europe, Japan and Australia. The last team Mocha played was Turkey’s Beşiktaş Esports during the first leg of TCL 2021, the best LOL league in the country. At the end of the tournament, Mocha was inactive from the competitive scene, until he was hired by Rensga. Among the champions he used the most in the competition, Moka had the best stats with Alistar and Leona.

Unlike Mocha, Trap, who is only 19 years old, is a player who doesn’t have much experience and started his competitive journey in 2020. Afreeca Freecs, the traditional team of South Korea’s LOL League. Considering that one of his nicknames was “YoneKing”, it is expected that Champion Yoon and other dueling characters will be convenient choices in his games with Rinja.

Finally, Brazilian NinjaKiwi only started playing competitively in 2022, wearing the Rensga Academy jersey. The trio arrive at the Rensga main team to try to recover in CBLOThe 2022. Currently, the team is three points behind the Netshoes Miners, the first team within the classification zone in the playoffs. If the first appearance in Week 6 is confirmed, they will play against Liberty on Saturday (26th) and against Kaboom! esportsSunday (27).

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