June 4, 2023

CBLOL 2023 FINAL: Robo reaches the quintet, touches the brTT, and wants more | very funny

Robo, a LOUD player, with the CBLOL 2023 1st Tournament Champion Cup – Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

– It is very useful because it shows that everything we sacrifice to pursue this journey pays off. I’ve got five titles and I’m still going to play longer, so I’ll probably be able to tie brTT, who knows, I’ll dedicate myself to that – Robo told General Electric.

It is very difficult to sacrifice things in your personal life and the like to pursue this profession. But I’m very happy because the results show that I’m on a good path and I’m inspiring a lot of people. I would love to set this example for everyone, to believe in a dream and go after it.


Prior to the 2023 Division I result, Robbo is tied for most titles with scorers Mikael “Miko” and Alexander “Titan” and quarterback Gabriel “Tuckers” — all with four accomplishments. With his victory on Saturday, the leaders isolated themselves in the standings with five titles, behind the BRTT team that won six titles, but suspended its run at the end of the 2021 season.

Coincidentally, Robo won 3 titles alongside brTT, in the first split of 2017 with RED Canids Kalunga, in the second split of 2019 with Flamengo and in the first split of 2021 with paiN. The first team had their first non-brTT achievement specifically in LOUD, in the second split of 2022, as they were back-to-back champions this season.

– I am so glad, it is very gratifying to see all your efforts bear fruit. It’s not over yet, we will continue to conserve energy, because now there is an international tournament, which is very difficult. We need to dedicate ourselves a lot to get a good result – Robo commented, referring to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), the international LoL mid-season tournament, which will be held this year in London, England, from the 2nd on the 21st of May.

LOUD is a two-time CBLOL Champion, with the first division title for 2023

Robo said that LOUD will be preparing in a boot camp (an intense period of training before a competition).

– We’re going to do training camp now, so we’ll train a lot and devote ourselves a lot, because we have a taste for Worlds. It wasn’t possible to practice so much and it was too close. For this MSI, we’re going to do the boot camp and try to get stronger. I am completely confident in this group.

When asked about the level he has reached in the Brazilian league after his fifth title, Robo avoided talking at first.

– Those who have to say this are the fans. I’ll only start thinking about this when I stop playing and see all that I’ve achieved. I’m for what society thinks is best. I don’t think about it often.

Subsequently, the player admitted that he could be considered the second best player in the history of Brazil, if the number of titles was the criterion taken into account.

– In the titles I am the second. I don’t think about it often. For me, the best thing is always winning more. At the moment brTT has more titles, so it’s still the best, in my opinion. And if I’m second with the most titles, I’m second best. This is somewhat the way I think, but I’m not the one who should think about these things. I just have to do my job and dedicate myself a lot to representing Brazil.

CBLOL 2023 FINAL: LOUD wins match 3 against paiN

In addition to getting close to brTT, Robo still has an amazing personal brand: he’s advanced to the playoffs for nearly all of the CBLOL editions he’s been in. He only made it out of the knockout stage once, with LOUD, in the first split of 2022. Since then, there have been titles in a row.

– People joke that I’m fickle, but I’m a guy who screwed up the group a lot. When I’m in a strong group, where I see potential, I always try to do my best and help everyone, so that we can get a good result. There was only one split, with LOUD, last year, which unfortunately didn’t work out. But as soon as something went wrong I immediately realized what was bad about that split, I’ve changed a lot from that time to here and I think that’s why my team is so stable. I always try to strengthen the group.