August 15, 2022
CD Projekt loses to GOG خدمة

CD Projekt loses to GOG خدمة

He says he is working to change the situation

started in 2008, GOG (Good Old Games) It was focused on making a catalog presentation DRM free classic games. Over the years, the platform has grown and has ended up taking on a format more similar to the steam. but according to Red Projekt CDGOG owner, developer is Record losses It must adopt new strategies to reverse the situation.

During the financial presentation for the third quarter of this year, CD Projekt Red revealed that the company is losing money, the loss is equal to $2.21 million. Compared to the same period last year, the platform has been registered He won $1.37 million. The developer himself recorded an increase in revenue in 38% $34.7 millionThanks to games like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077.

Studio CFO Piotr Nielubowicz said in his presentation that GOG will undergo some regulatory changes that should return the platform to the state that made it popular in the beginning. “Regarding GOG, its performance is challenging, and we have recently taken steps to improve its financial position,” said Nielubowicz.

In addition to changes in the team responsible for GOG, CDPR should prioritize a selection of DRM-free games. “First of all, we decided that GOG should focus more on core business related activities, which means offering a carefully curated selection of games with a ‘DRM-free’ philosophy. With this approach, there will be changes to the team structure,” reports the manager. CDPR Financials.

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According to Piotr Nielubowicz, some GOG developers will be moved to other segments of CD Projekt Red itself. in your core business and improving your financial efficiency in 2022, says Nielubowicz.

It seems that the fight with giants Steam, Epic, and Xbox Game Pass will force the resumption of what was GOG in the past and practically take it out of the great fray. Do you usually shop at GOG? Did you buy any games there?


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