June 29, 2022
Ceará signs an agreement with a German company to produce green hydrogen in Pecém - Negócios

Ceará signs an agreement with a German company to produce green hydrogen in Pecém – Negócios

Governor Camilo Santana on Friday (29), in Munich, Germany, signed an agreement with the German multinational Lindy to implement a factory from green hydrogen in Ceara.

The largest global manufacturer of industrial gases and engineering, Linde is represented in South America by White Martins. This is the 12th Memorandum of Understanding that the country has signed for the production of H2V at the Pecém Industrial Park and Port (Cipp).

“Linde is investing a lot in technologies in the Green Hydrogen region and sees that Ceará has great potential for clean energy production, given the favorable wind and sun conditions, as well as the country’s prime location. We are very confident that we will establish this important partnership for green hydrogen production”

Camilo Santana

ruler of Ciara

Linde’s global vice president, David Burns, commented on the signing of the agreement with the Ciara government.

“It is a pleasure to work together on this project. White Martins already has its (oxygen) plant in Pecém, and now we need to produce sustainable fuel. Linde has been looking for partners and Ceará has a lot of potential in that regard. This will be a very important partnership for the country, Brazil and Europe.

Companies that have already signed a memorandum of understanding with the government

  • Enegix Energy
  • White Martins
  • Kir
  • Fortsko
  • iniva
  • differential
  • Heatron
  • H2 helium
  • new energy
  • Engy
  • Trans-Hydrogen Alliance
  • Lindy

green hydrogen

The Ceará Green Hydrogen Hub, installed in the Pecém industrial park and port, was launched this year in partnership with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and the Federation of Ceará Industries (Fiec).

The idea is to seek to reduce the emission of pollutants with new investments, expand business opportunities and create jobs in Ceará, in order to boost the state’s economy.

Green hydrogen (H2V) is produced from renewable sources and is currently the mainstay of the transformation.

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