February 6, 2023

Cebolinha ’causes’ in an interview and plays ‘inhaca’ in Palmeiras: “I hope they don’t succeed…”

Palm trees

A Flamengo player who goes against the cartoon of the same name and votes against Palestra

Ajeve / Thiago Ribeiro – Cheers Cipolineha vs Palmeiras

Palmeiras is in the final stage of the duel against one of its biggest rivals today. With only a week left until the Brazilian Super Cup decision against Flamengo, the two teams are already having to deal with questions about the clash. Owners of similar sporting achievements in recent seasons, this will be another time in which Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will put the strength of their clubs to the test. However, if it is based on red and black, Verdau’s failure begins off the field.

Striker Everton Cipolineha, champion of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores with Flamengo in 2022, does not want Palm trees hire anyone else. And the player made such a statement, in a playful way, when asked about his duel with Alviverde in the Super Cup. Everton said so Even without Scarpa and Daniloby signing Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League, Abel Ferreira’s team is still very strong.

“We know the importance of the game but also the difficulty. Palmeiras has a very qualified squad, they’ve lost two great players, who made a lot of difference. Especially last season, they were very important players. Hopefully they don’t sign anyone by then. We know how hard the game is, And we’re preparing well so we can bring that title here to Rio when we get there.”Cipoline joked.

the Palm trees The focus can be on the 2023 Super Cup in Brazil, The situation is different from the last chance. In 2021, when Verdão also decided to championship with rivals from Rio, the team was still playing that season for the Club World Cup and Recopa Sol Americana. This time, the pressure is on Flamengo, who must travel to Morocco just after the final, on their way to the Club World Cup.

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