February 1, 2023

Cecilia Payne, the scientist who discovered the formation of the sun

For many years, both scientists and astrophysicists have looked to the sky in an effort to make sense of everything that has happened in the sky. being🇧🇷

With the huge amount of research that has been done, there have been thousands of errors, but also thousands of advances, that scientists have used to develop equations and formulate theories about galaxies, stars, and planets.

However, only a few years ago it was possible for an astrophysicist, the so-called Cecilia Paynecan find out what composition of the sun🇧🇷

Cecilia Payne-Gapushkin was the first person to suggest and demonstrate that the composition of the Sun is composed primarily of helium and hydrogen. For many years people did not believe and had a consensus at that time that the Sun has a composition similar to that of the Earth. Land🇧🇷

But after several decades and thousands of other studies, Cecilia’s name began to become something of a staple whenever they decided to get into the subject, as it was seen as a breakthrough in astronomy.

More information about Cecilia Payne

Cecilia Payne Gapushkin was born on May 10, 1900 in Wendover, a small town near London. In this city, she began studying in an all-girls school. At school, I started reading a lot and fell in love with all of Plato’s books.

Moreover, at this school she learned to do mental arithmetic exercises and was able to memorize long poems, which, according to her, helped her a lot in her later scientific work, since through these activities she was able to develop her memory. Much.

Moreover, by the age of twelve, Cecilia had already learned to speak three times Languages: French, basic Latin and German. And at school she was an outstanding person. That’s because Cecilia already knew how to do algebra down to the level of quadratic equations and how to use a chemical balance.