August 9, 2022
Celebrities mourn the death of a celebrity photographer: 'Hard to believe'

Celebrities mourn the death of a celebrity photographer: ‘Hard to believe’

Ticino Pinheiro, Anna Hickman and other celebrities paid tribute to Rodrigo Catalano Caliga

celebrity world photographer, Rodrigo Catalano Caliga, who died Monday, 25, at the age of 44, from recently discovered bowel cancer.

On social networks, celebrities love Titian Payne (45), Anna Hickman (40), sweet Pinero (76) and others expressed their sorrow for the death of the businessman, owner of the Brazilian Photo Agency News, who was hospitalized a week ago.

“It’s so hard to believe you’re so young, full of life, so happy, so affectionate with everyone. I’m going to miss our dances, your joy, arriving at a party and finding you and Manu calling me to take pictures, of our laughs, of your complaining because I didn’t call you to take such a ridiculous photo in Home…there Rodrigo, how long are you doing. Rest in peace my friend! May God rest your little heart Mom, Latifah and our Manu You were part of the best moments of my life! I love you forever”, announced wife Caesar Trally (50) When remembering special moments with a professional.

Anna Hickman He also expressed his sorrow for the death of photographer Rodrigo Catalano Calleja, recalling a picture of him with his wife. “Today we lost a very special person, who had pure joy and energy. Great photographer, friend who recorded very important moments in our family: Rodrigo, we will miss you very much. Manu forced, our sincere feelings for the whole family. Still not working. To believe “, blonde vent.

Just like the daughter, sweet Pinero He saved a flick from the businessman and regretted his departure. Rodrigo, you who gave so many flashes to make us happy, today we mourn our departure, but surely, your light in the sky will never be extinguished, said the immortal girl of Ipanema.

I am fighting for the death of Rodrigo Scarpa

In addition to the most famous, the faces It also mourns the death of photographer and businessman Rodrigo Catalano Calleja, who during his lifetime performed brilliantly, collaborating in creating agendas for the magazine and for the website through his flicks at celebrity events.

On the agency’s social network, the professional’s wife, Manuela Scarpa, who is also a photographer, is posting a tribute to her lover. “It has been almost 19 years of pure happiness…but today the love of my life has remained to live with Jesus. It is sad to know that I will not find my companion every hour anymore, but I am happy to know that he is at his best a place and without suffering. God made His best to the end. I can’t help but tell you that I love you forever!”, announced.

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