November 28, 2023
Famosa toma microfone de colunista de Sonia Abrão e a detona em frente à multidão: "Programa de merd@"

Celebrities take a mic from columnist Sonia Abrau: “Shit program #”

The influencer’s response to the presenter’s criticism at a crowded event

when searching Bruno Thalamo columnist for The afternoon is yours, at Simaria’s party last Monday (13), GKay, famous digital effect, He launched the act against Sonia Abrau, after the announcer criticized her for spending too much money on farofa.. “Damn the program,” he was shocked.

For those who don’t know, farofa is nothing more than annual eventIt is promoted on its own, usually with more than one day with many celebrities invited. She really does spend millions on gig and contractor RedeTV! She stated that it was “ridiculous” to do this, because so many people are starving.

In front of several people, JK He took Bruno Talamo’s microphone to send a message directly to Sonia Abrau.

She doesn’t even know what she was talking about, try to find out, baby, What are you talking about before in your program there shit @‘, he fired famously, hastily returning the microphone after it had exploded.

A celebrity takes the microphone from columnist Sonia Abram and blows it up in front of the crowd: "shit program"
Sonia Abrau and Jakay exchanged barbs (Editing: TV Foco)

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Sonya Abram denounced the news that JKAY You will spend no less than 8 million Brazilian riyals In the next Farofa during A Tarde é Sua. In the face of the astrological value, I launched the verb and launched the facts.

“Look, to say you’re going to spend R$8 million on a party, in a country where people are dying of starvation, is a lack of conscience. If it’s that strong, spend 4 [milhões]which seems to cost the party, and the other four help with a social plan to distribute food to the needy,” began Sonia Abrau.

“I don’t think it fits for a moment like this, very sensitive and difficult. We are in a country where people are unemployed and starving.. Suppose you are going to spend R$8 million, put your hand on your conscience and stop being cynical‘, concluded the presenter on RedeTV!.

Sonia Abram (Photo: clone/RedeTV!)

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