June 1, 2023
Celia Piperno |  kitties online

Celia Piperno | kitties online

Hello guys!

My name is Célia Piperno, I am 48 years old, I have two children and I live with a disease called: Multiple Sclerosis. I need your help! I will tell you a little about myself so that you can understand: in 2012, I began to have severe pain in my knee, I went through several doctors and no one could definitively determine the cause, they raised several diagnoses, but nothing fit my symptoms, until 2013, I suffered From a bout of double vision and hospitalized, I reached the final diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Every second, every minute that passes due to this disease is crucial and a year until its discovery was rather poor and there was irreparable damage. For those who don’t know, MS is a neurological disease that causes our defense cells to attack our central nervous system, causing injuries to the brain and spine and causing areas with lesions to stop communicating with our organs or extremities, such as: Arms and Legs: It is a painful, exhausting physical and emotional disease that has irreversible damage, even with treatment and the use of medications. Currently, my condition has progressed and I now need more help (even for basic tasks, like going to bed or going to the bathroom), plus definitely using a wheelchair. In March of this year (2022), I broke out again and was in hospital for about a month, but thanks to God and the excellent medical team, today I am at home taking care of my family members. Unfortunately, due to this new outbreak of sclerosis, I need to buy some things that will help me on this new journey. A hospital bed, a bed mattress, an armchair and a left arm orthosis are the most important items and now, through this cat, I ask you to help me in the way you prefer. Greater luxury and comfort for the situation in which I find myself and must relieve the severe pain I live with on a daily basis, I hope this brief summary of my life helps clarify and touch your heart and donation. I hope you can help me with what you can and what you share. Thank you in advance for your attention and for everything!

Celia Peperno