March 25, 2023

Cell phone battery “dies” quickly? Stop these four things immediately

Background apps are those that run even when they are not opened or activated. The fact that you receive messages from your email, your social network, among others, is just a consequence of him behaving in a “subtle” way.

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Therefore, many unused apps – or at least with little notice – continue to eat up your processor, battery, and RAM, which can make it slower and have a weak battery.

What should be done to reduce its effects?

To make your cell phone run faster and suffer less from the consequences of having multiple apps in the background looking for information all the time, you need to follow some tips.

  • If you opened an app recently, close it manually

Even if your screen is in a completely different app, having other apps open has an impact on your phone’s health. Take the apps you have already used and close them. It goes without saying that – even with them closed – they can still work in the background. This is where we will go.

  • Turn off notifications

Mobile phones, when activated in the background, update us at the time of notification. Minor notifications can consume more system resources and affect battery life. To turn off the notification for an app that you are not using properly, you need to go to its settings, proceed to Apps and turn off the notification.

  • Restrict background apps

The setting location varies by device and your operating system. On Samsung mobile phones, for example, the user has to follow the path:

  1. Settings ->
  2. Device and battery service ->
  3. Go to Battery ->
  4. Go to “Background usage limits”
  5. Enable the option “Sleep unused apps”

When this is the case, you will not receive notifications from them. From the same point of view, we will move on to the next topic

Alerts when background apps are closed

If you are working directly with chat applications, such as WhatsApp, with the background mode suspended, you will no longer receive notifications until the application is opened.

The same goes for music apps running in the background. You can even disable their notification if you wish, as long as it doesn’t affect their operation. Before any activity, make sure that the application you are going to modify will not have a negative impact on its operation.

Other background app functions are:

  • Site monitoring
  • Run tasks in the background
  • Perform backup and sync operations
  • Refresh content when it is off screen

In short: keep an eye on the aforementioned utilities and have a preference for deactivating background performance for some applications that will not be affected and of little use.